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Supporting women who are struggling to get pregnant, make the best decisions about their health and wellbeing

Is your life on pause while you try to conceive ?

Are you overwhelmed with ideas for boosting your fertility, and not sure which one to try next ?

Do you wish you had someone you could talk to about this Someone other than your partner, who (though he loves you very much), would prefer a different topic of conversation ?

I’m Nicola, a fertility coach and a passionate believer in the power of natural therapies.

I know the crazy rollercoaster you’ve been on, and I’ve experienced some of it myself.

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) at 16 and the doctor told me I would never have children.

I was put on the contraceptive pill to mask my symptoms and went from one low-fat diet to another, desperately trying to lose weight. It wasn’t until I started training in natural medicine that I realised the harm I was doing to my body, by using the pill and crash dieting.

I’m a certified Integrative Fertility Coach… I have Diplomas in Acupuncture and Naturopathy and 10 years experience working with clients to improve their well-being. Whilst I was training, I made small changes to my diet and lifestyle and my periods started coming back slowly.

When I wanted to start my family, I was pretty scared. I thought I would have a lot of heartache and have to wait a long time for anything to happen. I was one of the lucky ones, and I fell pregnant straight away. Two natural and healthy pregnancies later, I’m committed to helping other women in similar positions, move forward with their fertility journey.

Nicola’s fertility course was the best decision I made on my journey to becoming pregnant.  I thought conception would come easily, coming from a large family, being in my early 30s and in good health.  After months of trying, I became a wreck on a monthly basis, waiting to see if this would be the month…

I know the challenges you face on a day to day basis

I can help you make lifestyle changes that will:

  Boost your physical and mental well-being now

  Improve your chances of conceiving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

  Develop habits for life to help you get parenthood off to the best possible start.

Stop waiting for your happily ever after.

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As a fertility coach, I’ve helped dozens of women at one of the most challenging times of their adult lives.

The women who consulted me told a similar story:

  They felt betrayed by their bodies.

  They felt let down by medical professionals who offered negative news without ideas for a way forward.

  Their relationships began to suffer as fertility matters dominated their lives, making it difficult to enjoy being a couple.

  Eager to help themselves, they researched natural remedies, then became overwhelmed by the possibilities, and weren’t sure where to start.

  This was not an easy subject to discuss with friends and family, so they were feeling lonely and isolated.

This all led to more stress and negative feelings – not a good combination for fertility.

I helped them take back control of their fertility and well-being by delivering expert guidance, step by step instructions tailored to them and emotional support.

And I loved how I helped them get on with their lives, feel empowered, take intentional action, and feel less alone.

But I was frustrated that I could only help those women that walked into my clinic – I wanted to be able to reach out to more. And I wanted these women to get to know each other – to share the struggle and the success. To not feel so alone.

Nicola’s course taught me to think outside of the mere mechanics of conception and consider my wellbeing holistically.  Through the simple but informative workbooks, we identified other influences in my life which may have been having a negative effect and found solutions so I could control the impact they were having on me.  The exercise and diet suggestions I am sure not only helped me conceive, but have found a place in my everyday life, and I am still using the relaxation and mindfulness techniques suggested by Nicola.

Now I have taken my knowledge and experience and combined it into

The Hedgehog Fertility Programme


This 12-week programme introduces small changes each week, into five different areas of your life: Nutrition, exercise, mindset, stress and lifestyle.

Sign up to my 12 week programme to boost your fertility

Over 12 weeks you will learn:

#1 Optimal Nutrition For Fertility And Living Well
  • Which pre and post natal supplements you should be taking, and in what quantities.
  • How to balance fats and proteins in your diet.
  • The importance of managing sugar intake, and how to do it.
  • The secret to staying hydrated (and no, it isn’t just ‘drink lots of water’).
  • How stimulants affect your fertility and where you will find them.
  • The role of mindful eating.
  • Gluten – should you or shouldn’t you?
  • Which herbs and spices you should include and which you should avoid.
  • If superfoods should play a role in your fertility diet?
  • Going organic – worth the investment?

#2 Stress Reduction Techniques

I will take you through a guided tour of various methods for managing stress, including:

  • Meditation
  • Visualisation
  • Affirmations
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (I am a qualified EFT practitioner)
  • Acupuncture ear seeds (I have a Diploma in Acupuncture)
  • Journalling
  • Aromatherapy
  • The importance of self-care
  • Breathing exercises to help in stressful situations.

#3 Mindset Matters

For many of my clients unlocking their mindset issues is the key to improving their fertility. Together we take a look at the questions I’ve heard my clients ask and I asked myself:

  • What’s wrong with my body? 
  • Do I deserve a baby? 
  • Do I want to give up my career? 
  • How do I cope with past miscarriages/abortions/trauma/IVF?
  • Can I financially afford treatment or to raise a child?
  • Plus techniques for dealing with other people’s comments about your fertility
  • And support to move through grief, anger, jealousy (because it seems like everyone is falling pregnant, except you.

#4 Fitness and Fertility
  • How to balance of exercise to keep you fit, healthy, and fertile.
  • Learn how to enjoy yoga & qi gong with instructional videos.
  • Too busy to exercise? Learn how to incorporate it into your daily life.
  • Resistance exercise – what it is and how to do it safely.
  • Adapting your exercising schedule to your menstrual cycle.
  • Enjoy empower walks (30-minute recorded empowering audios to listen to while you walk).

#5 Lifestyle Changes

Small, easily implemented changes that can help you live well while trying to conceive, including: 

  • Charting your fertility.
  • Maintaining your relationship and a healthy sex life.
  • Tackling sleep difficulties.
  • Eliminating environmental toxins.
  • Decluttering your life to create mental and physical space.

This programme is for you if:


  • You have been trying to get pregnant for a little while, but nothing is happening yet.
  • You are thinking about starting to try for a baby soon and want to ensure you are in the best position to start trying.
  • You are going through assisted conception and want to maximise your chances of conceiving.
  • You have suffered from pregnancy losses and want to try making positive lifestyle changes to help.

In 12 weeks time you will:


  • Have all the knowledge and tools you need to have a real impact on your fertility.
  • Be confident in your ability to trust your instinct and listen to your body.
  • Be living your life for the now and enjoy being in the present without worrying about the future
  • Feel healthier and more confident in your own skin.
  • Have developed amazing support network and new friends who are sharing your journey.
  • Have the strength to face anything that’s thrown at you.

Most importantly, you’ll know you are completely in control of your health and wellbeing and are taking positive steps towards creating your family.  

But I don’t expect you to navigate this alone. I’m not throwing a stack of information at you and leaving to muddle through. I’m here to help you through the 12 weeks and beyond.

The course welcomes input from your partner, so my husband has been involved on this journey with me, and could support me with the changes I made as a result of Nicola’s guidance.

My weekly calls with Nicola helped me delve deeper, investigating further the concerns I had identified when going through the workbooks, and motivated me to keep working on my own wellbeing as a fertility tool.

Sign up to my 12 week programme to boost your fertility

The complete 12 week Hedgehog Fertility Programme

Five short lessons delivered each week, for 12 weeks.

Email Support

Personal support from me via email (within 3 office hours sessions each week).

Access to The Hedgerow

12-months access to my exclusive Facebook group. Engage with like-minded women who are sharing your journey, ask questions, seek support, and tag me in whenever you need me.

Mini Mind-Body Fertility Kit

A selection of fertility-focussed goodies delivered to your home.

Sign up to my 12 week programme to boost your fertility

Meet the experts

Not only do you get my knowledge and skills, I’m teaming up with the best of best in the fertility industry so that you can find exactly what works for you. I’ll be collaborating with more experts over time and you will have access to all the new material as it becomes available.

Sarah Holland – Fertile Mindset

Sarah is a genuine, kind and empathic EFT practitioner. She has dedicated her whole career to helping women with fertility issues and blends genuine empathy along with super effective EFT support to work through the emotions and bring crystal clear focus and happiness back to your fertility journey

Elisabeth Manning – Fertile Living

Elisabeth Manning is a change agent in the realm of fertility, cradling the notion that when we thrive in our own lives first, life is more likely to thrive within us. Life itself is sacred, and children are especially sacred. Parenting, fertility, caring for our earth and creating a better world are all interconnected. How we approach our journey has great potential to impact many generations to come, beginning with the love life we create within ourselves, first. Author, speaker, and founder of Fertile Living and the Conscious Conception methodology, Elisabeth teaches parents-to-be and practitioners alike to embrace fertility as a conscious, personal growth path to parenthood. Because fertility is about life, by removing hidden mental, emotional and spiritual blocks to what makes us thrive, we also have the potential to dissolve blocks to our fertility. For more information:

More experts coming soon

For me, the best thing about this course is the personalisation.  Nicola got to know the journey I was on, and coached me through that journey.  This wasn’t a generic approach to a problem, but a tailored solution for my life.  I would advise anyone thinking about trying to conceive to give this a go. Thank you, Nicola!

You can start the programme whenever you are ready. I am committed to providing my ladies with the attention, encouragement and support they need, in the facebook group, over email and in our coaching calls.

If you would love the support of other women throughout the course, make sure you sign up to start with my next group starting date. These only happen a few times a year so if you crave the support of others going through the same journey, make sure you sign up now.

The next group start date is: Monday 13th February 2017

Stop waiting for the next chapter in your story, and start living your life now.

   Transform Trying-To-Conceive from a stressful mission, into an enjoyable adventure.   

In just a few weeks you can be less worried, and more positive, less lonely and better supported, less helpless and more empowered.